Ways to Attract the Attention of Police on the Road

March 12th, 2014

It’s nice to attract attention when you’re driving along in your shiny new vehicle – the attention of everybody except the traffic cops which is. Here are a few ways which will certainly catch their attention if you don’t would like them to notice you don’t do any of these things.

Getting pulled over may well be easier than you thought it would be. Just commit one of those following violations and you might be in trouble – try combining two together and the lights will be flashing at you before you say “is there a challenge officer?”

• Speeding – understand the speed limits and stick to them. Speeding is bound to attract the attention of the boys in blue for very good reason – speed limits are certainly not there to become boring, they can be there to help keep everybody safe. If you drive faster than the limit it will take you much longer and further to quit which can be dangerous in many situations. What if somebody steps unexpectedly into the street? What if a car decides to modify lanes with the last minute? You’ll have the capacity to take avoiding action. Which is the faster you drive the very least likely it. That’s why the traffic cops will probably be on your tail in a flash.

• Utilizing your cell phone whilst driving – you can’t concentrate and drive safely whilst you’re talking on your cell phone, sending or receiving a text message which explains why if the traffic cops spot you doing that they’ll pull you over. Illegally using cell phones whilst driving is the cause of a startling number of accidents.

• Hazardous driving is another sure fire way of attracting the wrong sort of attention – there are many different items that constitute hazardous driving including not stopping at stop signs, changing lanes inside an improper manner, doing an illegal u-turn, travelling in an unsafe speed, eating, shaving or getting changed whilst you are supposed to be concentrating on driving your car safely. The things some individuals get up to behind the wheel of the car is very remarkable.

• Violating equipment codes – sounds posh, what this actually means is having broken equipment on your motor. In a nutshell that means no burned out headlights, ear splitting modifications to exhaust systems, blacked out windows which are tinted beyond all bounds of safety etc. It’s surprising how many people think it’s safe to get with a broken windshield if it actually isn’t.

• Driving too closely to the car in front – if you don’t leave yourself sufficient room to stop how are you going to stop safely in an emergency? The answer to that one is quite simple, you’re not! This violation is closely followed by the dangerous but extremely popular maneuver of changing lanes too quickly without giving sufficient notice. Unfortunately these impromptu lane changes are often due to not paying enough attention because the driver is busy texting on their cell phone – do you see what number of these things tie in together?

The Traffic Cops Hit List

  • Driving slower than the traffic around you
  • Drag racing
  • Accumulating an unhealthy variety of unpaid tickets
  • Hogging the left lane on a multilane highway – this should be used only to overtake slower cars